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New and online.....I think


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I'm about 30 minutes old as an Uber driver. My phone shows that I am online and all I see on my map is a blue dot representing where I am...Is this all I will see until a PAX is nearby??? (I don't know what PAX stands for but it seems to be the term for an Uber passenger)

I tried scrolling to other areas where there would be more people but still see nothing.



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You only see a map, your location on it, and a color coded representation of demand. You don't get to see other drivers (unless you use the rider app) riders location is not shown. You can Google images of driver app.


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By now, you should have received that first ping - where your screen turns black except for a circle in the middle where a pin is showing you where your rider is waiting, should you accept the fare. You will also see their name, their rating and time Uber gives you to get to their location. But all that is overshadowed by a 15-second countdown clock that beeps until you accept - taking the ability away to make a rational decision on whether you want to accept that 4.1* rider named Slash 52 minutes away.

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