Never believe surge will disappear.


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It's how Uber really makes it's money from drivers and pax.

By charging the pax a different surge multiplier they are able to skim a ton off the top before they hit you with there Uber fee.

I take the longest route every time and I use stop new requests on pool.

On my surge fares the Uber 'service' fee is a little ridiculous compared to the other non surge fares even by taking the longest route possible.

In before someone says who cares what the rider pays.

It still matters because how can you expect mile rates and tips to increase when the pax is basically paying for the extra amount already?


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It's crazy and I agree it matters. I've had a bunch of those and I always take the longest justifiable routes and still Uber is getting half sometimes.

I got a ride for 6 blocks literally with no turns last night. From 2nd St to 8th St. the guy kept saying it's the easiest $8 you're ever going to make. Dropped off and of course I get $3.50 while Uber charged $8. Why would he tip if he thinks I'm getting so much for such a short ride?


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Educate your pax if they think you get all the money. I do and it usually leads to a cash tip when brought up. You can't count the booking fee towards what you consider uber getting 50%.... a large portion off the booking fee pay for the commercial insurance. Of course your min fare looks out of proportion when you add the booking fee in.

Drivers that are more worried about what Uber takes then what then can do to improve their situation will never make it in this gig.

I'm able to consistently make my goals and beat most of the complaining drivers hourly fares because I'm more concerned with my game then ubers