Never Again Dropping off in Mills Valley / Stinson @Night


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Drove 8 hours in. Hmmm Ill do one more trip before heading back home in East bay Pittsburg... Get a Ping on Post st at the Movie theatre. I asked the pax if they have been getting heavy Fog up there she said no, I would of ended the trip early because I'm already exhausted and last thing I want to do is risk my life... Next thing you know I'm driving up the Windy dark twisty Road and can barely see through the thick Fog... The Road you drive through in your dreams before you go over the cliff. Yup. Some rides really aren't worth it. Haha The messed up part is the Lady pax did not even wish me well to drive back into the city safe. No @@@@s were giving for me just as long as SHE made it home safe... @@@@@. Lol. I auto have her 1 star... Hope not to match with her again. Anyhow hope everyone had a Good day today. New day Tomorow ..... Anyone else with that experience on Highway ca-1 panoramic hwy... ???


I have been there before on high 1 ... i agree 100% totally not worth the money or time or to risk your life on those cliff hanger at night time.