Need some new driving tunes!


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Hi everyone,

I just started driving for Uber and Lyft in LA and have quickly listened to all of my Spotify playlists to death! Does anyone have any suggestions for new music, artists, playlists (preferably some that get updated and changed often)? I like any and all music! :smiles: Thanks guys!

Just Another Uber Drive

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Try Mozart. Seriously. You'll be surprised at how relaxing it is.
I've pondered doing that myself. I do like it. It does relax me. Not specifically Mozart but classical in general.

I played only Eric Clapton for a whole year.

It wasn't intentional. I like Clapton. I have his discography and so I made a playlist for myself and the night I played it everything went really, really well for me. So, throwing all logic out the window, I determined that it would be best if I did the next night exactly the same way as that night and, well, it just kind of turned in to a year of rinse and repeat.

It was a conversation starter for a lot of people. There are a lot of people who really love music and are surprisingly knowledgeable on the subject. And there are a lot of frustrated guitarists out there who love talking guitar players.

All in all I think my experience shows that as long as what you play does not totally suck, or offend, you can pretty much just play what you want.

But then again Led Zeppelin is beyond awesome sounding and virtually everybody on the planet loves Zeppelin... unless they are female.

sirius black

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Stick with West Coast selections - Tupac, NB Ridaz, Snoop, Dre, etc. If you don’t have one of those sub woofers that make all of your dash cam footage look shaky, get one. I usually go with the same (5) Rage Against the Machine songs on a loop - it never gets old, and the business pax seem to enjoy it. No Bon Jovi, that’ll get you 1*, but it’s totally opposite in Jersey. Be the car. Neh neh neh neh neh.

Mista T

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Odessa is a popular yet mild choice with pax, and can make good driving music.


When i started i read about a driver who asked each pax what they wanted to hear when they entered the car. She used that to compile a "pulse of the city" playlist.

I have done similar, i ask if there are any special requests (on short rides only, lol). Then I add what I like to my playlist. Have found some pretty cool stuff this way!

Jay Dean

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If you ever run into real entitled pax Play ‘tears for fears, everybody wants to rule the world lol. I garanteee by the end of the song they will either sing or hum it, it’s it’s just a great song in general because it’s so 80s and detaching from today that’s one song I def recommend playing doing this

I highly recommend getting Sirius XM and being judgemental when you pull up and put it on the station that you think they will listen to, shit is equally hilarious...only been called out on it a couple times and even then I flip it into a joke...


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I listen to either punk rock stations on pandora, edm, or will play my curated video game music from final fantasy and similar. Those are my general 3 pandora station types I put on

Tr4vis Ka1anick

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You just lay down slow.
Recognize a big dawg when you see one.
Sippin on Booze in the House of Blues.
Boom Boom Boom Boom.


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But then again Led Zeppelin is beyond awesome sounding and virtually everybody on the planet loves Zeppelin... unless they are female.
I love Zeppelin but I have to disagree, I have tons of lady friends who love hearing Plant's sweet sweet voice. I think its more of these millennials that enjoy that new banjo thunder imagine dragons nonsense and refuse to listen to anything.

"OH LET THE SUN BEAT DOWN UPON MY FACE..." - "can we change this? what are we even listening to?"

......get out of my car...