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Need help with Pandora through the Uber Driver app

Discussion in 'Technology' started by CTridz, May 12, 2017.

  1. CTridz


    I'm reaching out to see if anyone has a solution to this problem. I can't get the music option to show up in the Uber Driver app. I'm using an iPhone 6 running iOS (10.3.1). I have the latest version of the driver app. I tried looking for music settings in the driver app but the option is not there where it should be. I know that music is not an available option in every market, but other iPhone equipped Uber drivers near me have the music option.

    I tried plugging the phone into my car radio with an aux cable but that didn't change anything. My car radio doesn't have Bluetooth capability but I tried connecting to a Bluetooth portable speaker and that didn't change anything. I've logged out and logged back in to my driver account several times. I also deleted and reinstalled the driver app.

    I tried contacting Uber support. After several automated responses I finally got a reply that just said they are aware of the issue. Didn't even say they were working on a fix - just that they are aware of it.

    I'm hoping that someone has a suggestion. Otherwise I'm just going to have to do without the music. I know it sounds trivial but I really like the concept and I think it could help with getting tips and 5 star ratings.

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