Need fixed route


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Hi uber friends,
I know this is a site for uber drivers but I need help and I didn't know where else to go.
I need a ride from blue ash to Milford Tuesday and Thursday at 730 pm. Starting next week until December. Ideally I would like to agree on a reasonable price since it will be twice a week for an extended period of time. Would anybody be interested or have any suggestions?
Hi Ctff, Your main issue with getting a ride from an Uber driver "off the books" is liability i.e. insurance.
With the Uber app managing a live ride, you are covered under Uber Insurance. A rider is completely covered and drivers liability is at least partially covered.
If someone were to make an independent deal with you, they would assume all liability and risk for both of you under their personal insurance.
Giving a friend a ride twice a week vs getting paid to give someone a ride is a completely different legal and insurance issue.

Try craigslist rideshare or if you are looking for free or shared cost riding.
Otherwise contract with a liveried transportation service. You may be able to negotiate a good rate for weekly trips. I don't have a specific service to recommend.