Need advice for multiple drop offs. Missed fares.


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Series of events:

-Pick up 4 pax
-Drive to destination
-1 pax gets off
-complete trip
-remaining 3 need to be dropped at different location
-tell them to re-request and it should auto-ping me
-no other drivers available on pax side
-cancel 2 other surge fares
-go offline and drop off pax for cash payment

I didn't have too much of an issue with what actually happened, but I just want to know how to handle it in the future. Payment was fair, and this is just a side cash thing for me but missing the surge fares did make me sad and the fact that I have two cancellations on my record now, but the good Samaritan in me wanted to make sure they got home safe.

Should I just not complete the trip and keep driving? Or is there a different way to go about it.


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Unless I'm mistaken, and I don't think I am, once you get to first destination, instead of ending trip, ask PAX to enter new destination and drive rest of the crew there, then end trip.


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This works, until you get this,
Drop off 1st pax (whom is the account holder that requested the ride, then drop off the 'guests' , then end trip. Next day you find out the trip was reviewed, and adjusted because the 1st passenger emailed uber csr and complained about the fare. You just got scammed.


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Thanks for the replies everyone.

Seems like others run into a lot of scumbaggy types. Haven't been so lucky in my 17 trips thus far haha.
Ask them to put the final destination in because you can get other rides based on were you ending your trip so if you go from point A to point B and you still have to go to point C & D you might get a ride request for b but you can't take it cuz he still have to go to C and d.


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-go offline and drop off pax for cash payment
^^That is a deactivatable Uber policy violation and just completely stupid from a (lack-of) insurance perspective.

Next time, drop off first person, have pax update address in their app, take to next, rinse & repeat. Then end trip when last pax is out of car.