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Need advice (Desperate Houston Driver)


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But that is why I’m here. To ask for some advice. What can I do?
There is nothing you can do but get what you get. Seriously. Don't rely on this money to pay all the bills. It will be a struggle, times ten, if even doable at all. If you really want to maybe do better, work the bar crowd at night. Good times.
But that is why I’m here. To ask for some advice. What can I do?
Keep in mind that only an idiot would give you actual good advice. That would be stupid for them to do as it would take money out of their pocket. Telling you the best time and place to drive is a well kept secret cherished by experienced drivers. Get out there, figure out what works for you. There's a HUGE pool of drivers and a HUGE pool of riders. The problem is figuring out how to find the rides that make money. You should be getting nearly non-stop pings if you know where and when to drive.


If you wanna find out how much you can make just do it. Stop trying to take to easy way out shortcuts. Old school is the best school.

One of these days I will go 100% airport runs, start at 5 am😁 problem is waking up.. just want to find out how much total you can make in 1 day.

I did 7 total runs one time from AP , 3 short runs. That day, I was helped by the quick Q movement ...avg time less than 10 minutes..
So I tried next day, and this time Algo did not help in the Q movement 🥴