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NB LSD Closed

Ad nauseam

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BAIT. hey yo Republicans, too busy hating on Mexicans to support infrastructure!
Sorry, Push, I am a left wing fever dream. And I have been very good for MONTHS!:smiles:
Ain't no caravan bout to drop on my head.

Ad nauseam

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@mikes424 --don't be messing with my rant with logic!
Ad, bridges are consider particle of nation infrastructure ever since Ford bought off all the politicians, left and right, convincing everyone the tax funded Eisenhower road network was the best way to move bombs and munitions across the country. The very essence of corporate welfare. Dem's were complicit---Elephants responsible.


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Sadly, this has been a political football for decades. One side wins an election on claims of wanting to fix infrastructure, and another side won't allocate funds. IDOT has 10b to spend, but say that to repair or replace everything, they need 42b.

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