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Navy Pier Drop Off

Discussion in 'Advice' started by ZippyQuicky, May 17, 2018.

  1. This is a little bit of a complaint as well as an advice seeker...
    I was driving an elderly woman to Navy Pier. She was friendly enough but she kept telling me which turns to take even though I knew my route was faster but that's beside the point. Anywho, when we arrive at the Uber drop-off section of the Pier, she became furious when she realized it was the furthest I can drive her. She started exclaiming how ridiculous it was and that it's going to take her another 15 minutes to walk to her destination toward the end of the Pier. I began to apologize and said this is the farthest I'm allowed to go. She then said she's never taking a "Taxi" again and slammed the door.

    I'm aware of the Uber pickup point that's around the corner, a bit more east into the Pier. Could i have driven her further? Or was i correct in that i couldn't deliver her any further?
  2. don't use trade dress and you can drive as far as the road will let you.
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  3. Aren't there penalties/fines if you're caught?
  4. Possibly.

    This comes down to knowing your area.
    Is it an area that cops enforce?

    For example at the airport I wouldn't try to get cute.
    But other areas if I can just blend in as a regular car, why not?
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  5. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that this woman's life is complete **** and she creates misery everywhere she goes. Drive away and don't give people like her a second thought. Old people can be just as garbage as anyone else, if not more so.

    If you're choosy with who you pick up, these types of poisonous people will end up being less than 1% of your total passenger base. Don't dwell on them and let them occupy any more time in your life than they already have. Move on.
  6. I appreciate that. Interesting point, I usually just indiscriminately accept whoever comes my way. Now I might try to get an idea of their rating before I do

    I had never thought of this before... I'm intrigued. However I do see Navy Pier security roaming around there with their police interceptors and Municipal plates
  7. There are 3 dropoff/pickup points along Navy Pier. One is right at the beginning the other two are further down. You have to turn into the underground lot areas and there are marked pickup points there. For dropoffs, I usually just drop at the first one unless they ask me to go further down.
  8. Thank you for that. I might have attempted to drive her further into the pier but she didn't ask. She just immediately became angry

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