Navigation Question - Is My Ideal Setup Possible?

Vagabond Charlie

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Hello, everyone! Newb Uber driver here, so please, be kind. I did search for the answer to my question, but nothing got quite close enough, so I'm hoping you can help.

Here's the ideal goal: Get directions from the Waze app through my LG Bluetooth headphones (using left ear only for safety), while the iPhone 6+ plays music via the Music app through the cable connected to the USB port in the center console.

The important bits:
  • 2010 Nissan Maxima
  • iPhone 6+ with the latest iOS
  • LG Bluetooth headphones, paired with the iPhone
  • iPhone is NOT paired with the car
  • Waze is set to "Play as Bluetooth phone call" in Settings | Sound & voice | Sound output
  • Cable is genuine Apple Lightning cable that came with the phone
Right now, all the Waze directions go through the car speakers, muting the music. This is, obviously, not great. I would prefer to use Waze over another navigation app and to plug the iPhone into the USB port for the music. Playing music through the iPhone Music app isn't required, though I do have a pretty great playlist. I can use Pandora instead if that would make a difference.

Anyone know if it's possible to achieve my ideal goal by changing settings/connections/other items? Any help is appreciated!

Vagabond Charlie

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Yeah, that's what I figured.

What I did in the interim while waiting for a response is the solution below, which looks like it will be my permanent solution.

I put my playlist on a USB stick and stuck that in the port in the car. The phone, I plugged into one of two car chargers (the more easily-accessed one for me) and have paired the Bluetooth output with the LG headphones. The car plays the playlist with no interference from the phone, the phone is always charging, and the navigation goes into my ear, 'invisible' to the rider.

In the end, this may have been the better solution! :smiles:


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Personally I just turn out the audio on Google Maps and keep my eye on the screen. I connect the phone to bluetooth to play podcasts through the car's speakers, and switch over to SiriusXM when I have pax onboard.