Navigation App Problem

Hombre de Plata

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I drove Lyft for the first time today. When I clicked pick up, the Waze app opened automatically. However, it did not have the destination entered. It was just the Waze home screen. Each time, I had to manually enter the address into Waze. I thought the address would be automatically imported. How is this supposed to work? Using Android.


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Switch to Google Maps. The address should export to either app. If you have the same problem, it's a problem with Lyft app. Delete and re-install. If not, its'a WAZE problem, then stick with Google maps.


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Current bug with the most recent driver app. Sucks balls doesn't it.

Happens with both Waze and google maps.

It's a Lyft app problem.

Solution: when this happens, go back to the Lyft driver app, and click the nav button (arrow near top right) to resend the address to the GPS app. Repeat as necessary. Eventually, one will take.