My Wow Day!


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Everyone remember the WOW incident some decades back when a still unexplained message was received from outer space (in my opinion histroy will show that as one of most important event in human history). Well Friday was a WOW day for me.
I had surprisingly exceeded my minimum income goal by Thursday and thought of taking it slow on Friday, which is unusual as Friday is usually my best day.
I started around 5.30pm, thinking lets see what happens, maybe i ll drive to midnight or maybe i ll go all night till 5am like i usually do on a Friday.
By the 2nd ride, i was mentally and physically fatigued...something that hadn't happened in a long while; so I parked by the Airport and took a nap. An hour later, i went online back, drove for another hour plus and decided to go home and eat rather than my usual Chick Fil A or McDonalds.
At this point, i was at about $60 after almost 3 hours. I ate, than napped.
I got back up around 10.30pm and urged myself to at least try and hit $100. Anything less than $150 on a Friday would be sacrilegious, but with the numbing mental fatigue and having exceeded expectations during the week, i really wanted to excuse myself.
So i go back out and by the 2nd ride, I am alert.

First ride , a "crazy" couple at a Taco Bell mad that the previous driver abandoned them there refusing to go through the drive thru gave me a $10 tip on a $3 ride. Next trip an amazingly fun discussion on Minnesota sports; the pax was really excited.
So at this point, im wide awake ready to ride into the night. Determined to try and hit the $150 mark for the day.
2 hours later, I decide its time to round up, after my Sports guy pax, i ve been thrown into the North Suburbs, all mostly Premium pick ups with average fares. No surges and i wasnt seeing going back and forth from Osseo to Rogers to Maple Grove. Finally in Rogers, its a 16 minute, 12 mile pickup in Osseo whilst im in Rogers and I say: ok its almost 2am, this will be the last ride. That was the game changer.
I get there, and i see 2 guys by a bar, talking and keeping me waiting while i wait for them. Why do pax call for rides when they aren't ready to go. They talk and talk and talk and am telling myself, i know many drivers on UP who would absolutely cancel and drive off.
Then the one guy comes to the window and says "can you give me a few minutes please"....seriously? Well I wait more.
Eventually after 7 minutes he gets in and requests i possibly trace his friend who was walking home up the street, just to be sure he got home and didnt fall on the sidewalk in a drunken stupor. I ll tip you, he says.Unbelievable. Well i do, we dont see him on the ground thankfully and we proceed on the ride. Its 18 miles or so back to Rogers.
The conversation starts and i am not really into it at this point.
Fortunately i let him talk. It was almost like getting an insider tip on a stock that would turn into fortune. Like most pax who have had more than enough to drink, he went on and on.
My pax was a young business owner with almost 100 people on his payroll (by my calculations that would be about $3 million a month) and the company was fully his. He even showed me his Office on the way. The conversation was beyond enlightening, it was liken having lunch with Elon Musk.
We got to his house in the country side, i was expecting to see a mansion of some sort. It wasn't, but it was a nice house with the kind of large space you find in that part of town.
And he asks : "how do i tip you ". At this point, if i had $500 to spare, i would tip him for the conversation! I say on the app or cash, either is fine. He gives me $20 cash tip on a $20 ride and says i ll tip on the app.
Tip on the app after giving me $20 cash tip? Who does that? I just assume its the drunkness.
I turn off the app, not willing to do any DF trips and head home. 5 minutes later, still processing the biz info and tips i got from the pax, I check the app to see what i made for the day- dude had given me another $25 tip!

And then i see it...i had made $227 in 5 and a half hours. $40+ an hour on a day I had to force myself to drive, no surges,just ordinary trips.