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My Uber Partner Experience Driving in Myrtle Beach, please share yours!

Discussion in 'Myrtle Beach' started by ZeldaMc, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. ZeldaMc


    Myrtle Beach
    I am relatively new Uber partner and provide rides in Myrtle Beach area.
    Below are my observations and experiences - please share yours.
    • Uber gets 25% for Myrtle Beach drivers when I understand they only get 20% cut of other cities' partners. Can someone verify and explain if true?
    • Uber takes small percentage 0.1% (correct?) which goes to City of Myrtle Beach - kind of unfair considering that is a small area of entire Horry to north Georgetown.
    • Broadway at the Beach was a good spot - except now Uber has initiated first in, first out as opposed to proximity for entire Broadway parking and circling road areas. This means that the stallers will have same chance as us sharp drivers who know where to "spin our wheels".
    • More on Broadway - lazy riders who want to be taken to other side of Broadway.
    • Broadway - lots of drunks
    • Broadway - kids who try to get more riders in an X or XL than permitted.
    • Cabbies at Broadway are nasty and harass Uber partners they spot.
    • Most of the day is dead. 10pm to 2am is best time.
    • The airport is tough because there are two cab stand areas right near the entrance - and there's always plenty of cabs and usually more Uber than needed.
    • The guards get to know Uberers and are quicker to shoo us away during pickups from aiport terminal road while they allow family and cab to stop and pickup.
    • Also, the demand at aiport is more for UberXL and there's jerk riders who will try to get UberXL for price of UberX and will cancel until they get a van.
    • Airport - you can get a good fare to North Myrtle, even NC border, but then nothing on the way back south!
    • Events are tough in City of Myrtle and North Myrtle as they close the roads. The Uber area set up for the Country Music Festival, roads were also partially closed off, and hard to get near.
    • "Surges" disappear before you can get to surge area.
    • Murrells Inlet Captain Dick's [rhymes with Rick and NOT a curse word) Pier restaurant/bar area should be better than it is - why don't they use Uber in Murrells.
    • Lots of first-time Uber riders who expect driver to know how and if their first ride coupon was applied.
    • Lot of first-time Uber riders (and also happen to be cheapskates) who want to know the fare total.
    • Drunks, drunk and more drunks at night - suggest $200 biohazard cleaning fee sign in car at night.
    • Cell Phone dead zones in North Myrtle 17bypass and business causing missed pickup confirmations - application stalls... and stalls...
    • Uber GPS terrible - particularly in large developments (HOAs, POAs, "villages" like Myrtle Woods and Ocean Lakes).
    I would love to hear from other Myrtle Beach partners.
    So, I was very enthusiastic at first but really was averaging < $8 hour after gas and expense. Only go out part-time.
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  2. I'm moving soon to MB and info good to know. Thanks
  3. Onthelake56


    North Carolina
    Use Google Maps instead. Waze also another although I prefer Google Maps here in Charlotte area.
  4. Beernut


    Santa Cruz
    First weekend driving Myrtle Beach; I was surprised at the number of Uber drivers, especially around Broadway. It seems there is always 10-20 drivers waiting their turn in the FIFO queue. And waiting an hour to get a $5 fare from Broadway to a hotel two miles away can be pretty disheartening.
  5. Atlwarrior


    Hi where do we pickup arrivals at the airport?

  6. ZeldaMc


    Myrtle Beach
    AGREE! I got request to drive from Broadway to ATM two blocks away, request to drive from one side to the other side of Broadway at Beach, from Broadway to the Wax Museum across the highway, ad nauseum...
  7. I Uber in Bowling Green ky. UBER keeps 25%there too. It seems to.be the same with 10 pm to 3am seems to be the best time. I was wondering how much you average per week? And how many hours? I average about 400 per week for about 25 hours online....

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