My truck


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Someone had a black trailer by a dark cul de sac in Atlanta ( I wasn't on an Uber run). I hit it and it damaged my vehicle.

I decided to let Uber know my truck was damaged rather then a customer contact Uber. Uber said I can't drive with the damages to my vehicle.

My insurance is offering to rent me a vehicle. The issue is Uber won't accept my rental .. I tried to rent a vehicle through Hertz but they said there's a list, and they only do Uber rentals during the week. Does anyone else have other options ?


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As I see it, you can...
  1. Operate the rental vehicle on the Uber platform and pray nothing goes wrong. Or,
  2. Wait until Monday, then rent a vehicle from Hertz and continue driving legally for Uber while your truck is being repaired. Or,
  3. Enjoy your time off.