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So Uber changed their incentive system to their advantage and drove a lot of part timers away (maybe in the direction of Grabcar? )
We all become drivers for Uber for different reasons, maybe you needed extra cash for that dream holiday? Struggling to put bread on the table ? Saving up for your dream car/house ? No matter what your reason is, we all have the same aim, which is to make more money the smart way.

Rome wasn't built in a day (or a week!) We must set small and achievable targets (weekly payments).

Let's say we drive 40hours a week with minimum 1 trip per hour, we stand to make 40hr x $20( Uber guarantee) = $800. After 20% Uber fee = $640. Rental ($450)+petrol ($140) = $590.

$640-$590 = $110/40hrs = $2.75 per hour ! Are we looking at $2.75 per hour? Of course not! We get to use the car when we are not driving for Uber. for eg, sending kids, to school, picking up laundry, driving the family out for dinner or maybe you need the car for work? Driving to meet clients etc... So the value of it will be $x. It really depends on how you look at it.
Driving during off peak hours is a must too! Let's say you drive an additional 3 off peak trips a day ($15 per trip). You will make an additional $252 (after Uber fee 20%). $252+ $110 = $362 per week!

This just for driving 7hours a day. In my next post I'll talk about adding $96 to $362 just by working smart. Which will make it $458 in profit per week.

Thank you for reading ! Stay safe and Keep rocking!



Uber should never be your primary source of income.

You can do it for hobby, pocket money, service to community or whatever reason.


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I had just finished driving Uber full-time for one week and received a payment statement today. After deducting petrol and data plan (sky high when using Uber app), I left with $100+. My two friends started same day as me, one left $20 and the other one left with <$100. Don't get bullshit by Uber.


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Bro , u Should hv taken their hand phone . Deposit $300 , weekly data plan $5
Thanks for sharing all the tips and valuable experiences in your posts, this may mitigate the burden off many others. I do hope local authority can step in to regulate this "booming business". Anything which is not sustainable is just a plan to fail.

When supply is over demand, the drivers will be the ones suffering. I believe we are nearing it judging from the rate that recruitment is going on now at grab car & über. The folks doing marketing are just doing their jobs, don't fault them as they have to follow the companies business directions.

OT: RES are regulated by CEA, can't imagine the situation if one day one can simply use apps to buy, sell or rent properties without going through a RES. What will happen to the industry? Hope it's not a mess should such a day arise.

This is the situation now for driving with apps companies, drivers are the ones affected irregardless of which companies, taxi included.


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Bro , u Should hv taken their hand phone . Deposit $300 , weekly data plan $5

Can I just check if it is possible to get their data SIM card? But not borrow their phone as I have my own phone. If possible, do you have any idea how much that will cost? Thanks