My son wants to do uber with my car, can it be done?

OC Lady Uber Driver

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The driver must be 21 with at least one year's experience behind the wheel and insured.

The UberX vehicle requirements are:

  • 4-door sedan, must seat 4 or more passengers excluding driver.
  • Year 2001* or newer (This is different in some markets. Check with your local Greenlight Hub)
  • In-state plates.
  • No marked, taxi, or salvaged vehicles.
  • Pass Uber vehicle inspection.
  • The car must be currently registered, but your name does not have to be on the registration.


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Can my son do uber with my car if I add him to my insurance policy? I am located in NJ. Thanks in advance for any help!
Yes. Your son must be listed as an insured driver on your car and he'll need to send a copy of the insurance policy listing his name on it to get approved.