My one year UBERversary


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Uber says I deserved a celebration. And how, you may ask? An offer to share my accomplishment on social media! Piss off uber. Thanks for all the no tips, no raise, higher gas prices that the rider doesnt have to help pay, surge shenanigans and of course, all of my wonderful badges and 5 stars. It's been a swell first year indeed. Where's my annual review, bonus, and COLA?

Remind me again why I still do this?



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Yeah it’s annoying. There are so few that make it over a year, you would think uber could do something substantial to appreciate us.


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Hi Carrie

Been really busy today, I should have gotten in touch with you earlier. As far as your "ant-versary", send me an address & # via PM. I shall be over shortly with baby oil, your choice of grit sand paper & rubbing alcohol.

Best regards