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My New Uber X Car for .90cents a mile


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Since I didn't want to ruin my somewhat brand new 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid I decided to upload a new car for my uberX account. It's perfect for .90cents a mile. Now I don't have to worry about selecting only surge fares. I could go back to selecting regular fares.

Hell, if Uber Lowers the rates even more, I have no problem with that. With this Car, Anything is possible. Uber Said Lower fares means more earnings. So I will also say lower fares mean I don't use my new car. I think people will be pleased with this car and will garner me 5 stars and bring me closer to being a GOLD MEMBER.

I will be handing out water melon flavored drinks with watermelon jolly ranchers too.

*** EDIT ***

Going to see if this Qualifies for Select since I got me some leather seats! Better than the Chrysler 300 if you ask me. But don't tell Pashaster that.

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