My new rule for driving on rental


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Since Lyft raised rental rewards, I won't be able to get any this week. Lyft is failing me - not giving me enough customers to qualify for that reward.
As a result , I will stop driving for Lyft exclusively and go back to basics.
Rule number 1. I have to make $120 + $30 for gas each day
Rule number 2. Actively look for a new job.

What do you think, is it obtainable $150 between UberEATS and Lyft AFTER fees?

I don't know how I suppose to qualify for 90 rides bonus if I only got just over 50 ?


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Are you doing UberEATs now and if yes, more or less, what percentage of your rides are they?

Based on the time that it takes (you're basically making 2 trips and barely getting paid for 1), you may want to replace EATS with some selected pool rides depending on the time and you location.

Rule 2 has it's advantages and may work for you. Personally I really enjoy not having a boss.


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I do just uber and lyft, no ubereats. I have a goal of 175 per day and do 200+ some days. 150 is my minimum though. You just gotta drive till you make what you want /need and be willing to drive long hours. I work early mornings and do 10 to 12 hours to make anywhere from 150 to 250. So yes it's possible.
I do basically the same thing. I try to gross $1000/week within 5 days which has been getting much harder to do lately but I've been making adjustments which are starting to be help.

Having a life gets in the way on a regular basis for me. Weddings, birthday parties, adult children dropping by; all that happens on weekends and distracts from hitting the goal.
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Agreed that it's much harder to reach that 1k mark now. Every day my usually empty go to spots for a ride have more and more ants. Gotta do 6 days every so often to hit 1k. I really rely on long weekends when I can usually do 250+ sat sun to bring in that extra I can't find on weekdays. My miles keep going up too as I have to position more to avoid packs


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I don't usually have a goal since I only drive Tuesday for a few hours (5-6) in the evening. Then Thursday for a few hours in the evening. Finally Friday night into early am (8-10 hours), and Saturday night into early morning hours (8-10 hours). Here's is what my typical week looks like...
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I drive for Lyft too, so this is Uber earnings only.

Your paying for our next date then!!!!


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Oh snap,

Ill still pay then... Have given 3 uber rides in 2 months, but I find money in all sorts of places... (I also have a reg job :smiles:

Where shall we go?

I am really hoping you look like your picture, as I look like mine, and dont want to set the wrong expectations for each other.

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