My new idea for tips and better ratings.

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:smiles:Hay guys as a new driver I figure I'll make my mistakes now while I'm new. My idea is seeded by the tips about putting a sign behind my seat asking the (paxs ?) to tip/rate. My method is like that except on CRACK. First I have custom seat covers coming in the mail (mostly for me). Second, now this is the technical/cool part.

I bought a cheap android tablet and I am going to use this as my sign. Once installed in the seat cover it will be very hard to remove (by paxs). I have written the program myself. It will run through the night as I drive, giving paxs choices of MUSIC/AUTOBOOKS/CITY INFO and of course blank screen option.

It also does the same thing as those paper signs (Don't forget to rate) and (Tipping is not required but is greatly appreciated). It even gives the pax a chance to do a one question survey telling me what to improve on.

If anyone is interested here let me know.:cool:


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Hay Bart McCoy, I'm aware of that. Mine is different because its interactive and dynamic. the pax have the ability to turn it off if they want or to click around and maybe buy something in the process. Not just a screen my friend but a window through the eyes of success, or something like that. Keep driving Burt and good luck.:cool:


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Hay Jc, thank you for showing interest. The seat covers haven't even arrived yet but the tablet is here and I've been in the process of building the app on my cell phone even before that. YouTube video definitely but it should end up on the play store before that.:cool: