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My Most Awful, Messed up Friday Night.

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Surgeless in Seattle, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Surgeless in Seattle

    Surgeless in Seattle

    Friday started out with a run to the airport to get a scheduled pick up... I'm headed in from the south with my apps on because I'm early, ha! Yeah, that's not gonna last!

    The traffic sign warns of an accident with a 4 mile back up. Garmin keeps re routing me due to accidents and I'm not sure I should have listened - I did get stuck on a totally closed I-5 during an airport run last week (the pax didn't want to detour) so I was in a susceptible frame of mind to Garmin's route suggestions.

    Fortunately this pax' flight was delayed. As the minutes fly by I get time to drive -slowly- on all these crazy side highways ... I get to see beautiful Kent, the sign welcomes me. I find myself driving like a Seattlite... No! You don't get my space! If I wait to switch lanes way up there I can skip the line.

    I pull up to departures and park just as my pax walks out the door. Perfect timing. Then he gets in the back seat - at the airport! Noooo! Freaked me out. Aack! I keep telling myself this is pre-arranged. It's cool.

    He gets in and prattles off highway numbers. My brain seizes. Huh? His phone won't load Uber so no nav and he can't request a ride until we're good and on our way.

    Oh... big news, I FINALLY got approved for Lyft. Now for some damn reason only the "buy me" XM advertisement station will play on my car! Related to the Lyft app running? I dunno? XM is all I get when I'm in drive mode on Uber with Lyft open, but not in drive mode?!?!? So we're riding.in.silence.

    Almost hit a car on 99 trying to change lanes, they were in my blind spot. So embarrassing! I apologized to the pax and owned it.

    Keep driving.in.silence. Watching the clock because I have to pick up my daughter off the 4:25 boat to get her to her softball tourney up at Lower Woodland Park by 5.

    I'm watching the bumper to bumper traffic going back into the city as I'm rolling north past it. I marvel that in Seattle the congestion is opposite what rush hour should be. Getting in from the North or from the East on I-90 in the afternoon is always so much longer than getting out.

    Still stressing about making it to the games in time. I know the maps all say 15 min ferry to field.

    "Who knew Ballard stretched so far?" I'm thinking as we keep going.

    Drop the pax off, run back into town on a (relatively) clear 15th, grab the kid and make it to the park barely on time, so that's good!!! They get slaughtered their first game and my phone's dead because I didn't close out the apps.

    Next game *starts* at 8:50!!! What? Wow! Shoulda read that schedule! I have to get my 16 yo from a teen event over on the Kitsap Peninsula at 11! 8:50 game is gonna end at 10:05. 55 minutes to Kitsap? That isn't going to happen without a teleporter. Maybe someday? I remember thinking Max Headroom was fantasy, now I can FaceTime with my kids as I fight traffic in Seattle. Who knew? (Probably someone at Apple.)

    Start working on getting the Uber app loaded in my son's phone with a promo code and the kids' activities cc info.

    During the hour+ break between games - picked up a quick 3 rides = $32. All Uber, no Lyft pings. Back in time for game 2 - they won!!! so that's good, too.

    Take off running, hoping for the 10:30 boat, I'm only going to leave my kid standing alone on the street in the middle of the night for 1/2 hr or so ... In the meantime looking for someone in Kitsap with their app on that can get him... There is someone! Yay!

    Ordered/canceled a ride so I could call them. They'll help!!! Make arrangements for them to get my son and drop him off at the house, then make arrangements for them to grab my daughter and get her home, too. Fares will total $60. Two promos: this is only $20 out of their activities acct... I can stay and catch one of summer's last Friday nights in Seattle.

    Even though $60 in fares is good over there ... I'm gonna need to tip them. I'm cashless! That's okay, taking daughter to the 10:55 ferry instead, can run to credit union in SODO to get some $$. (Yes, I'm cheap, didn't want to pay transaction fees.) Hit the highway to bypass downtown, Pop off at Edgar's road ... Bam! M's game getting out! Crap. Sit and sit and sit while the zombie walkers are flowing around me... I sit there waiting for SPD to stop the crowd and let me go ... Sigh!

    My turn! At last! Grab the money, dodge some more walkers on the sidewalk. Get back to ferry with 10 min to spare! Get the child in line, and go back to the car... Ready for Lyft!!! Yay!!! Quickly febreezing the snot out of it as I put her stinky cleats in the trunk. Ugh!

    I get a ping! Yay! Oh Lyft with your built in tip app... cool pax that treat me like a friend and ride up front, beautiful smooth ride sharing streets paved with (a miraculously strong) gold ... I've waited months for you... given up my residency in my home state for a Washington license and plates... navigated through messed up multiple accounts, misplaced/directed inspections and paperwork... a three week background check .... That's all history now... Lyft here I come!

    I go to where I think the rider is. (I can't get it to turn by turn nav for me.) Sit there, the app says I'm there. The rider has been notified? The address is a range 101-131. Where's the link to contact them?
    I'm getting texts from my son and the Uber driver in Kitsap. My son. Who knows everything. (He IS 16 after all.) He can't get the app open to start the ride.

    I pull forward up two doors, there's my passengers! They couldn't see me around some big construction-ish box on the curb. That's okay. I have found them! Let the good times roll! Now ride sharing is gonna get fun!

    More mommy texts. Can I order the ride for my son? Crap! Between my brand new Lyft ride and trying to drop the Uber pin for my son my phone is getting poked more than the Michelin Man. Now I've got the Uber pax app running and there's not going to be a free $20 promo ride (with their activity acct getting the overage bill)... This one is coming out of my pocket.

    Trying to focus on my first beautiful Lyft ride... My passengers get in the car... In the back.

    Who am I kidding? No one's my friend. I'm just a chauffeur - like for my kids, at least I don't have to feed the pax and give them spending money.

    They're headed to the U District. Lyft isn't showing me anything, some map pulls up? I put their address in the Garmin. I start hitting more buttons on the app. It keeps trying to redirect me? Heading north on I-5 Wow, it's nav is worse than Uber's! It keeps telling me to get off the hwy!

    We're cruising on I-5 now. No music. Just the app chastising me, telling me where to turn. Plus the M's lost to Colorado. What do I say? Sheesh! She jokes about how annoying navigation voices can be. We talk about Garmin and updating maps... This is not the fun ride I had hoped for ...

    Get them to their destination. Everyone's happy. I drive down the street and park, start poking my phone with more focused intensity... It was trying to redirect me to the pick up... I think I've got the ride started... it is now showing the destination address... Yes! Then !poof! It's gone, rider canceled! What the ****?

    Check in on my son on the Uber pax app, I try to split the fare with my son. Get some of the expected $40 fare off my personal card. He can't even manage THAT! Again. What the ****?

    Text him. Call him. He puts me on speaker phone. Driver's asking about my daughter.. They're not going to get there in time. Then it happens... Another Lyft ride! Aargh!!!

    To be continued....
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  2. Jedi Driver

    Jedi Driver

    Your life seems hectic.
  3. Like...are you my uber?

    Like...are you my uber?

    San Francisco
    Are you related to Lewis Black?
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  4. Only if her tone level is at Covert Hostility.
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  5. UberMeansSuper


    Dallas, TX
    Too long; didn't read.
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  6. LA#1x3


    Los Angeles
    Lol good story to read while waiting in ping. U should start in ur own reality uber TV. U never know can be a start of something
  7. uberparadise


    You should become an author and keep writing these interesting life stories. Just throw in a little fiction and some make believe adventures for everyone's entertainment. Don't drive for UBER Or LYFT anymore. You Are very talented!
  8. Realityshark


    Area 51
    I wouldn't want my children driving with strangers.
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  9. BurgerTiime


    Schedule pickup? Are you Uber Black? UberX are not allowed to do that. Hope you don't get caught. Especially at the airport. It's grounds for deactivation. Uber does do undercover stings to catch drivers handing out business cards and circumventing Uber with square charges. It's also illegal. I've personally seen UberX drivers with the trade dress and Visa, Square, Master Card stickers displayed on their side windows. GL to you.
  10. Micmac


    It takes me five days to read your thread every time I finish a sentence I got a ping. Nice story though :D
  11. ocbob2


    Orange County
    Good God you suck! I have square reader. Guess what? It is for tips so Uber can't do **** about that. Also, seems the pick up at the airport was still going to be Uber. Once again, Uber can't do **** about them making an arranged deal to have each other instead of a stranger Uber driver doing it. Chill out Burger and go sit on the sidelines.
  12. Fuzzyelvis


    And yet she had time to write a novella.
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