my Lyft rating dropped from 4.93 to 4.87 on sunday


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daily summary for Sat still showed 4.93.
only done 8 rides on sunday, 3 out 8 got tips. last ride was a 150 Line from LAX.

only thing was the line i picked up got 2 pax, 1st going to SC, 2nd going to little tokyo. when i saw the dest of 1st pax going to 3131 mclintock, i did not know why but i couldnt held myself and said it straight out in front of the 2 pax " @@@, SC?".
then i realized it was not approriate, but damaged was done.

what are the chances that the SC biatch rated me down or/and the tokyo biatch fell the same? anyhow, i rated both of them 1 star as usual.


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Honest question: What does a 4.93 rating get you? Don't sweat it. There's enough about this job that's stressful. Don't lose sleep over meaningless things. The ratings system is there to give passengers and drivers the illusion that they have control over something.


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hot chicks wont cancelled on me if i got high rating, and the johns fell safe to leave their chicks in my hand


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1 cent per star on lyft.

1* & 3*
1* 4* 4* (likely)
2* & 2*
3* 3* 3*
3* 4* 4* 4* & 4* from non tippers (also likely)


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If I had to bet I'd put $ down on SC. People who went/attend are completely obsessed with the place.

Soon as you said anything other than "fight on!" about USC it was over for your ratings.