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My kind of surge

Mr. Yuck

So it was dead last night around two but there was this big surge 4 minutes away and, well, I chased it. Started dropping as I got closer, 6.75, 6.25, 5 by the time I tagged it.

It was an elementary school? So I'm about to go back where I came from and this 9$ surge on a mountain another 7 miles out pops up and wth? I know there are maybe 3 houses up there? So I go offline and haul ass and it keeps going up until it's 15 dollars and I get right under that number and tag it. Crickets of course, but I head back to civilization secure in the knowledge that the next trip will be at least 18 bucks for me.

45 minutes later I turn on Lyft and get one immediately, then of course Uber pings. So I leave Lyft to whine and do the Uber first, Lyft pax is passed out in the yard by the time I get there so I wait and collect.

That surge is still on the mountain so off I go. This time I tag 13 bucks and sprint back to take a baker to work. Back to the mountain. Tag 11 and actually get one 4 minutes away to the airport. Loving it! Surge is still there! Tag it again! Lady left her lights on, car won't start, needs methadone, I have cables and I don't mind jumping her cause I can get back to the Magic Mountain that much faster and she's cute and hugs me and I am the bestest Uber driver ever!

I'm really tired but it's still there so I chew the old school sudafed instead of swallowing it. It's bitter but I don't care. Other drivers are turning down all the wrong roads by now and looking befuddled, a couple are in the right place, rending their clothes and losing their religion, sinners in the hands of an angry god. I do a bootlegger and spray them with gravel, tag 13 again and bye!

7 hours this lasted. There is a cell tower not too far from both the school and the mountain, but that's all I know. I will chase bizarre surges now.

Mr. Yuck

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Looking at the details, Uber lost money on all of those rides. Twice what they charged was paid to me.

So I'm looking at a surge 16 miles away and I can be there in 16 and bring that back to populated areas and pax don't crap about what I get, they crap about what they get charged. Uber has not made a dime off me for 36 hours now.

So go get that sticky surge stuck on your next ride. Is it worth 3 in gas for 11? Factor in time. It probably is. And of course they tried to stick a +45 on me. You want short trips with the new surge.

Not sure if I want old surge back when I know where to get the short trips.