My issue with Boost


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SO seeing that this is a part time, "fun money" gig for me I usually don't complain much. However I am sick of boost, I usually had very little problem with staying downtown/north or otherwise in the "boost zone" however since I have started to receive the promotion, almost every ride I get is taking me to the extreme north, south, west, aka outside the zone, and since more and more drivers are neglecting the burbs and extreme areas, I then get immediate pings that take me further away. Is it just me or is uber sabotaging my promotion?


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Happened to me too this morning. I was upset about all the miles/gas wasted back.

Setup your destination filter. It is bs but better than being sent deeper.

Got sent a request going 1 mile away and I drove 2 to get him. Ignored some then got one going dpwntown. Got him out by 9:30 and sent a pool request at 9:40ish that I ignored. Didn't even get another boost.

I'll try again later. Need an extra hundred.

Still made $100 in four hours.


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Yeah same here get taking out to the burbs, I do the same turn app off and get back to the map it sucks but it is what it is .... and I ignore every pool request after all there are no requirements for boost !!


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Seems like the common issue in this thread is taking rides that are farther than you want to go.

Don't take them in the first place. Problem solved.

There are ways to find out where passengers are going- ask them!


Putting on destination filter will VOID BOOST FARES!!!
Doesn't matter if they're already out of the boost zone. You filter to get back to it.

On another note, I didn't receive a boost at all this week so reading this complaint kinda makes me salty.


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When I end up in a No Boost zone, I turn the app off and drive back to the B. Zone. If some one has a better solution please share....
That's what I do unless there's a surge wherever I end up and that's happened ONCE!