My furthest, shortest & highest surge trip in 1200 trips happend today. LOL


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After doing over 1200 trips, I had my longest trip, shortest trip and highest surge all in one day. Today! 58.9km trip from Heidelberg to Frankston. And a 400 metre trip from Murray Rd to Murray Rd. Haha. And also a 3.7x surge in Hawthorn this morning. What was your longest, shortest and highest surge trips?



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My longer trip was to Geelong from the city, got also few times morningon (with small surge) from Richmond ( after footy)

My best trip was 240$ surge 4 from South yarra to the airport with traffic (old rates before 2 Uber price cut)

My highest surge was 6.1 at new year

These days are over, very hard to get 120-140$ trip these days, 1 year ago I had 1-2 every week and sometimes even twice a day ( my shifts are not more than 4-6 hours)


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Highest surge 3.9, longest 35km (on a 3x!)... Shortest nowadays it's all the Uber Eats shorties about 400-900 m.