My Friday, 4/26/19, first $300+ day/night - ending with Billy Joel...

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Yea he was pissed at his limo driver- and called an Uber - J/K

Yesterday I drove a few hours in the morning, a few hours after lunch, and a few hours at night, eating and completing things at home if I wasn't driving.
Morning and afternoon went well/OK. I should do better research about the events in town- oh well.
In my evening run, I started from Home- always try to, and it was a new Lyft riding couple, going downtown. A $16.34 fare- she tipped me $20 cash!!!. Then, I realized Billy Joel was playing in Miller Park- our huge baseball stadium, and home of the Brewers- the MLB team, not the beer makers. Pax said it was sold out- huge stadium!

So using the U/L lot, I pick up pax, the first was going a few miles to where they parked at the casino about 1.5 miles- parked there for free. The second group was going to a bar near UWM, about 5 miles.
Then I get a ping, not in the U/L lot a few miles away. Decline it, jump thru the hoops for declining on Lyft, and Immediately get a ping to the lot- and it says 45min.+ trip!
I go back, chaos at the lot as the concert is over now. I call the pax/group of 4- young college kids from UW Madison. They walk to me while I'm in line to get into the U/L lot which is now clogged royally. They were really cool, motivated, and were going back to make it to a DJ playing near the University starting at 12:30 am!
Log story short- easily made it in time, and they were awesome. 3 girls and a seemingly straight guy.

The ride from Milwaukee to Madison- 1hr/15min- I made $106.34- I think it was also event pricing.
All in all, with cash tips and the rides- I did just over $300, in about 8 hrs driving/app time!
My first $300 day/night! I know- the veteran drivers have said it used to be common.
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