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My first week..


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Hello uber Houston. I started on Tuesday in Conroe and Woodlands area. Any tips you could give a newbie is appreciated. It's not bad so far. The long trips are where its been so far. I did my first morning and it sucked. Thanks everyone!


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1. Do not drive around waiting for a ping.
2. Pick a nice shady place (like a hotel parking lot)
3. Be Patient
4. Look for trends (When to people leave town) etc..


1. Definitely park in a spot and wait, maybe move to a different area after waiting 30mins or so.
2. If you can, get your TNC permit! This will allow you to pick up in city limits.


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Park in the shade...driving is waste of fuel.
Ignore the user/ passenger app it lies about car locations...so don't get discouraged!
If your driving during club hours invest in vomit bags it will save you some disgusting moments in the future.
Get in habit of checkling pax rating before accepting trip...below a 4 beware!


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Thanks everyone for the advice. I really appreciate the help. Had a decent night. About 15 an hr avg plus tips. Have a great weekend everyone.