My first week hitting lyft incentives



This includes $500 for first $100 rides and 20% bonus on net fairs (and tolls)

I like lyft better than Uber. Gett can be a pain in the Arsenal but they only take 10%. Looking forward to meeting with Juno.

Have yet to sit down and crunch the numbers on which apps to best spend my time. What is clear is lyft pays better for driving in traffic.

I hope the 10% apps succeed
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I need to really give Lyft a chance. I have been hitting Uber hard but now they dropped the platinum guarantee down from 2.0 so maybe this week will be a good week to start


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How many miles did you drive total for those 79 rides?

You're not going to see that $500 bonus again obviously.

You made an average of $17 per trip? That's pretty remarkable.


I tried Lyft again last night for an hour. Nothing.

I turned Uber on and got a ride in less than 4 mins. I ended up making $150 in less than 4 hours lastnight.

I want to give them a try but I can't afford to miss an hour of work. It's an hour I can't get back.


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So because lyft forced me off for time compliance on Saturday, and because a Gett ride took me to bumbafuqq on Friday I only hit my 10% bonus and not my 20%...I did however make another $400+ on Gett for the week.

What's my secret? I know the city pretty well and I have no life