My first ever tip


My first ever tip received on uber 7/30/16:

;I'm going to preface this by saying I'm not upset at all about this, every time I think about it it's amazingly amusing and I was laughing all day yesterday.

I wasn't going to post this story I was just going to leave it alone, pretty hard to capture an exact situation in words but I'll bite.

This was actually my first trip of the day yesterday. So I pick up these college kids going to lollapa but making a stop first. Pax gets in the car with a guy, she tells me to wait because 2 more girls are coming. She starts getting animated asking me how has my day gone so far I tell her pretty uneventful. She ask me what we can do to change that. She says they're fun, I have to admit they were some fun pax. First time I had a pax try to change the course of my day. So the other girls come and we're on the way.

They're drunk. Pretty long ride, from 1400 w Huron to 4900 N hermitage. 31 minutes. So we have the guy in the middle seat. Girl in the front, my pax on right passenger. My pax says they're going to lolla but first they have to go pick up something "really awesome". Probably drugs but whatever since I didn't take them to lolla. Girl in the front starts off by telling me her husbands black. She ask is that weird, I said no but it's random. Then they get all excited and say lets play some music, my pax is like but only if you dance with us. Girl in the front ask me to use my charger "only for a little bit", and she gets the aux cord. Starts playing some rap music. She's like I'm not just playing rap music because you're black. She gets super comfortable and starts squeezing my wrist that's on the gear shift, and leans in and says I'm not racist!! I was thinking in my mind like you probably are if you need to say that. ( Like guys that say I'm not a creep without being prompted) But at this point I'm not actually thinking she is because she had a pretty cool vibe I'm just not used to that because you know I'm trying to chill out and drive my car.

So this is a pretty animated trip, they're talking really loudly over the music. We're all having fin. Girl in the front starts saying will I be her friend, she's like I'm serious. This somehow evolves to me being her husband. I'm like I thought you already had a husband. My pax in back says that's not her husband that's just a guy in California that really likes her. Ok. So now I'm her husband. Girl in front is like my boob is out in your car. I look over her right tit is really close to being out of her shirt in my car. She's like that's the first time that's ever happened. I should mention neither this girl or my pax had a bra on. Not sure about the other girl because obviously I can't see directly behind me.

Guy in the middle and the other girl are pretty chill but everyone's talking. I'm thinking to myself these are some fun pax and pretty cool. I'm trying to be friendly and match their energy by smiling and laughing and being a bit engaging even though I really just want to chill and drive my car. My pax in the back grabs my hand and holds it and starts talking about something with a serious tone, I can't remember exactly what she was trying to emphasize but I'm trying to paint the picture of them being unusually familiar with me, I didn't mind it but I know some of you forum goers would. Girl in the front and my pax start like play fighting over me. Girl in the front is like stop touching my husband and let him drive. My pax starts feeling my arm and says my jackets really soft. Tells her fiend in the front to feel how soft her husbands shirt is. I ask the girl in the front so when this ride is over does that mean we're getting a divorce? "No, never!!"

Now I hope I painted the picture of the inside of this car well enough, now we'll get to the meat & potatoes.

Girl in the front turns around to her friends and say put your seat belts on. I forgot whether it was her or my pax but one of them mentioned almost seeing a guy die yesterday after lolla, something about him being hit by a train. I'm still smiling like normal and they do some half assed attempts at putting their seat belts on. This isn't my friend I don't know these people so I don't know where this is going. I'm just smiling because that's the atmosphere they wanted. Now girl in the front is trying to turn the music all the way to the max so no one can talk and she tells her friends you guys are idiots. I turn it down slightly she turns it back up, back and forth a couple of times. Girl in the front starts facing the passenger window now. I lean over and say are you seriously mad? She shakes her head yes. I turn to my pax with a face like "wtf really" the girl in the front starts CRYING. I'm smiling harder now because the way this situation formed is just too weird and given the vibe of the car I didn't think this girl was serious even when she started crying but apparently she is.

This is when the bomb hits.

Girl in the front: "That's my best friend back there and I told her to put her seat belt on and they won't, they're @@@@ing idiots, and you're a idiot for laughing because they won't , and you're a @@@@ing nword"

Now you know what everybodies faces are now right?


I'm still smiling, the music is still loud. I lean over to the girl in the front and tell her I'm not laughing because they didn't have their seat belts on (technically not even laughing. Just smiling) I'm laughing because you're crying. Which was weird and amusing, considering how it came out of nowhere.

I lean back and tell my pax well you definitely made my day more eventful!

My pax is trying to reassure me, saying ignore her, girl behind my driver seat starts rubbing my shoulder. Everyone's shocked. I shrug my hands like whatever.

We get to the destination. They all get out except my pax. I should mention that girl in the front literally throws my iPhone charger at the dash that she was supposed to be using for "a minute" before getting out. Pax tries to give me $10 I initially refuse but she forces me to take it. The girl in the front specifically said do not tip him before she got out. My pax starts going on a life story rant and keeps telling me how that is not okay and how she's mortified by her friend and how she's Jewish and dealt with anti semetism and how is that her best friend we're both from California, it's 2016 how can people still be like that. She talks to me for a long time until her friends come get her out the car.

I explained to her that she doesn't need to sit here and try to make me feel better, she needs to deal with the fact that that's her friend, I don't have to deal with her at all. She's like I really love you and I'm not just saying that for how you handled the situation she's like you're such a professional. She explained to me that the day before at lolla they saw a guy die and his leg was severed by the train. The story just made it sound like he was too high to operate his own body and she told me how she pops mollies and gets @@@@ed up but she would never dream of something like that coming out of her mouth. The whole story and situation just came off as a group of spoiled druggies witnessing another drug addict think a train was a rainbow. I don't know the details.

I left out details of the girl in the front calling somebody on the phone and crying to them about this and calling me names on the phone to whoever.

This is literally probably the most funny thing that has ever happened to me on Uber. The reason I find it funny is watching how this female handles situations and explodes like a psychopath over nothing.

Ah well hopefully this is coherent and not too long to read. I got tried of typing it because the ride was so long.

TL; DR: got paid $10 extra because pax friend called me a @@@@ing nword


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I just don't know what to say, except I hate passengers like that. Annoying as hell. I would've hated to be on that ride. Sorry man.

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Dude.. that sucks. You handled yourself well, very professional. I only try to only drive mornings because of that very fact.. I cant stand drunk people. Racism just always seems to come out and make everyone uncomfortable. I would've prolly stopped the car and forced that AS$ right on out, OR ELSE. They can play with me if they want to.... they will be mo'ing and jo'ing (Walking) the rest of the way.