My first day and some noob questions... Destination not visible?


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Hi everyone. So today was my first time doing Lyft. I did two rides and was pretty happy with the experience. I have a couple of questions thought if anyone here can assist...

1) Can I see the passengers destination before I accept? I live in the Inland Empire of Southern California and want to stay local for pick ups and drop offs. I dread the thought of having a passenger needing to be dropped off at LAX 2 hours away. Can this be avoided?

2) During my first drive another passenger pickup was added to my queue without me seeing or accepting it. Is this common as well? After I picked my second passenger up, I took myself offline to prevent another as I needed to get home.

Any thoughts and advice is greatly appreciated and thank you all. In advance.


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Lyft was testing a feature where you would see the destination on the ping if you had a 95% acceptance rate. I am not sure what happen to that.

Lyft sometimes add another passenger while you are in another ride. It’s common depending on how busy is your market .
But if you click the three lines on your bottom left it will show you both the rides. The second ride will have a little x next to it. If you don’t want to accept, just click that but you must do it before you hit drop off the first passenger.


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Welcome to the wonderful world of Lyft. Your enthusiasm will wane soon enough lol.

No way to see destination until you get there.

Try using DF to keep from going directions you don't want to go.

Hit the Online button after you start the trip. This allows you to not get another ride added until you finish that ride and manually go back online.

Be advised that only works on regular Lyft. Lyft Line it will keep adding rides and there's no way to stop it.


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Thanks guys.

So is there a way I can just operate in my local area? I'm all for driving people around where I live and nearby... I do not want to drive them 30 miles away or something.

And it would suck to pick them up just to find out I can't take them somewhere.


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So, I went ahead and contacted Lyft with the following question. I don't expect the answer to be what I am hoping for, but I will let you all know.

Is there a way to see where a passenger wants to go before I accept? Also, is there a way to limit how far my area of drop off is? Point being that sometimes I have some time to pass but I do not want to accept a passenger that needs to be dropped off 50-100 miles away. If I knew ahead of time before arrival, I could simply not accept. Or, if I knew all my accepted passengers would be drop offs within a certain radius, it would also not be an issue. It would be horrible for me and the passenger for me to pick them up and find out they are headed to LAX (2 hrs away) and then have to turn them down. It would be a waste of time for both of us.


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Their Response:
Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this. I'd be glad to help you out.

We understand that our drivers would like to see where each and every rides are heading, don't worry because we hear you out.

Moreover, the current test for destination view is ongoing, the availability of the feature can only be accessed by our drivers on a selective target market during the testing phase for now. Once fully operated, we will be sending an email blast to our members that it is already available and working from their respective apps.

Kindly bear with us as we go through the current testing period.

Additionally, from time to time, far away requests happen due to the ff reasons:

  • Other drivers that are closer are not accepting the ride request.
  • There are no closer drivers available at that time.
  • The passenger/driver don't meet each others' criteria.
Nothing to worry though, Jeffrey, because we can assure you that these type of rides are within your approved driving region and not an out of state request.

Lastly, regarding the 'Contact us' concern, we appreciate your insight regarding this. This has been noted and we're continuously working hard to improve the platform. Your concern will be raised to our developer team to improve the Lyft service and once again thank you for your feedback.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if there's anything else I can help you with.


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My two cents from my 3 months of driving Lyft.

Speaking for how the app functions in Chicago area.

1. Destination is not revealed until you have touched Confirm Arrival. Then touching the box that represents the rider opens a screen that tells the destination. Although it can show a name like ABC Hospital and not the address.

2. Cannot set any limiting parameters on what rides are offered you or see the destination until arriving; #1 here.

3. Sometimes while waiting for them to come out to the car I will use Google voice search, tell it the destination address (assuming above mentioned screen shows it and not just a name) and the results will have info that reveals if it is a residence, business, etc.. Helps me spot the place when we arrive.

4. After accepting (Um... and also shown even before when the request comes up, but I have not noticed?) look in the upper left of the app and the ride Type is shown. If it is Line you know to be on the alert for riders being added.

When riders are added it might say "Lyft change rerouting" ( or something like that) because your route changed to pick up that added person. Maybe someone else can expand on being aware of added riders on Line rides. I have had many of them but may not remember all the system behavior details.

5. The system may also switch riders before you have picked up an accelted Lyft. You start out, then get the spoken "rerouting", look at the rider name and it has changed, thus your pickup destinatkon also. I think we all wish it would not do that.