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My BEST Uber Ride EVER Changes My Mind About The Riders!


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So, I am heading home down I-77 from an 'ok' Uber nite in Charlotte NC, 2:30 a.m., and forget I have the app on after my last fare.

I am rarely out driving Uber this late near Charlotte due to the drunk knuckleheads who abuse you, and then rate you badly, but I had 2 good airport runs back to back, so I'm in the general area.

I get pinged from an apartment building known for the 'youngster crowd' near Charlotte City Center.

The app says I'm 16 minutes away, and I have to decide quickly what move to make, since the count down is beeping, but, I FEEL this is gonna be worth it, so I accept.

I turn around at the next exit, and drive to the quasi upscale apartment building in my XL platform, knowing full well this is probably some young kids, 'surfing' their alcohol and 420 buzz after a late nite of the center city lifestyle.

As I pull up (full well expecting to have to wait 4-5 minutes (or more) for the 'blessing' of their presence), I see 5 young folks standing by the curb, chatting and checking their phones.

3 have drink cups in their hands, so I think, "wow, here we go, gotta piss 'em off and tell them to put their drinks down before climbing in".

As I pull up, I roll the passenger window down and confirm the riders name, and 'Don' says right away, "we are not bringing anything into your car, don't worry", and the ones holding the drinks drop them in the trash can on the curb.

Don doesn't give me a chance to say anything, and continues "this is all of us, and I put the destination in already".

I haven't had a chance to look at that yet, due to them being outside waiting when I arrived, so I look at my app and I see they are going to Dilworth, which actually makes me grimace inside, because that's a short trip this time of nite, and with no surge, I figure I just wasted a 16 minute 1 way ride for a very cheap fare.

Don must read my mind, and says "don't worry bro, we will tip you well, we know it's a short ride, and I saw how far away you were and you turned around, which we appreciate".

Don actually opens the doors for his 'squad', and loads everybody in, and one of his friends start climbing over the back van seat versus sliding it forward, and Don smacks him on the head and tells him to "act right or you're walking home".

Don takes shotgun, and we pull away, and the same dude he just smacked starts chanting "turn the music up!"

Don tells the dude sitting next to 'smack boy' to smack him again, and shut him up.

Dude does as told.

Smack boy quiets down, completely.

Don starts to chat about where they've been (birthday party for a girl he knows), and Don actually tells me "I know you probably hate dealing with us younger folks this time of night from what I hear from other Uber drivers, and I can relate man, since I see some of the idiots after just a few drinks".

Don then changes course on me psychologically and says "can we stop at Burger King quick if I throw you more of a tip, bro?"

Keep in mind, I still don't know what the 'base line tip offer amount' was, so I don't really know if 1) I'm really even going to get a tip (can't argue with the lie either, if it doesn't happen, due to ratings) 2) I don't know if it will be more than what he had in mind to start, so I'm thinking I'm getting played.

Don, the mind reader again, says "I was gonna toss you a $30 for the tip anyway, since I know its a short one, so we will toss you $40 and call it even if you will stop for us, ok?"

I feel like I'm in a dream somehow at this point, like it's too good to be true.

I tell Don, he "sounds legit, so no worries", as I head down the street to Burger King.

The ride gets even crazier once we pull up to order, as Don leans over me a bit to talk to the drive thru speaker, and he rattles off the order, taking very little input from his 'squad', but getting something for all of them.

The dream becomes a bit more surreal as Don says he's "getting me a chicken sandwich and a burger, with a coke, and I can eat them both, either, or neither", but the order has been placed already as he says this, so their is no saying 'no', so I just say "thank you".

As we pull up to the window to get the order and pay, Don tells me he's holding all the drinks in a drink tray until we get them home, and he looks to the back of the van and tells everyone "you guys cant eat a f**kin' fry before we get home, cause we are not ruining this guys van or night".

His statement has a very soft affect on his 'squad', since it isn't so much an order as it is a direction from someone they trust, kinda like a dog responding to its owner.

Everyone says 'ok', and there is no more discussion about it, or arguments.

The lady hands us the order, Don and I put our drinks in the holders in front of us, and he puts the drink tray holding the other 4 drinks at his feet, bracketed and secure.

Don passes the food bags back, but reminds them all of his directions, while telling me "we are gonna be cool, bro, you're a good dude for picking us up this late"

Don puts my order next to my seat on the floor, and says "here's yours bro, and I appreciate you getting us home safe"

I again, simply say "thanks".

After a few short minutes we pull up to their place, and I put it in park and say "let me get the doors, fellas".

Don stops me, and says "no bro, I got this, you just do your Uber check out thingy and close the ride out, I will clear my boys out".

As the last one gets out, Don's hands one guy the drink tray, and reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a cash wad.

He peels off THREE 20's, and says, "bro, I like to treat people like they treat me, and sometimes better, here, keep it"

The 'squad' says 'thanks', as a group, and Don says "hope we see you around bro, you're a good dude. We appreciate the ride and the munchy run."

He finishes off this stunning 20 minutes by saying "no worries on the rating, bro, it's gonna be a 5 star all the way"!

I close the app out, turn it off, and pull away from the curb, thinking immediately of this GIF


thanks for reading...
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Oh yeah...sorry. I threw that in to be polite after I derailed the thread. I better just go drive some more.
no worries.

I took the Uber weekend off.

Probably taking the Uber lie completely off, for that matter.

It amazes me that Uber / Lyft gets away with so many blatant lies to their drivers, including FTC and FCC regs for advertising their $1000-$1500 weekly profits to drivers, but, as we all know, money talks at the political level.


All of it.

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no worries.

I took the Uber weekend off.

Probably taking the Uber lie completely off, for that matter.

It amazes me that Uber / Lyft gets away with so many blatant lies to their drivers, including FTC and FCC regs for advertising their $1000-$1500 weekly profits to drivers, but, as we all know, money talks at the political level.


All of it.

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You drive XL...cream of the crop as lomg as you don't have to rely on it. Run the app at your convenience while you do somthing else. In my market that is 3:00 am to 7:00 am...long airport trips with little traffic. When it gets busy and you have the time stay on it for a long shift..Run the app while I do paperwork/computer work. Use uber/lyft as your lead generator/payment processor only. Just like they claim they are. That said...I probably could have turned a hot dog cart into a restaurant empire with the amount of time and effort I put into driving...maybe your right
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