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Out of all my ratings the ones I'm most proud of are my 1 stars makes it even more gratifying when I return the favor to all the rest of the entitlied scum we shuttle around SAFELY for next to nothing makes for great laughs reading negative feedback for stupid things like making them walk to a safe location instead of the middle of traffic, not getting out and placing bags in trunk while being yelled at by airport cops, or getting them to an important date late since they ordered an Uber at 4:50 rush hour and have to be somewhere downtown by 5:00...

Great laughs lmao


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I laughed....my first 1 star.....you just cant make everyone happy. No one cares if you drive safe, follow rules and/or nice.


Nothing makes me want to laugh more than pax who think our job driving them depends on that one rating by claiming don't worry I will give you a good rating like I really care about those jokers.


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My lone 1* showed up the day after I submitted and got a $40 cleaning fee. I can live with that...