my answer to non surge pool - $600 In a day and half


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The only thing that makes this remotely possible is the minimum fare on select has all the rides at the festival are short and time-consuming. I was there Friday, decent surge in morning) I had my eyes on Santa Barbara Saturday didn't see a whole lot of surge but I was no way focused on it 24/7


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I live in santa barbara but dont do uber. Data i collected from friends doing uber black is that saturday night was a BUST for them. Thursday night was the best ,and friday being ok.
OP is select i think so he might have been busier but $600 in two nights during a busy time like fiesta isnt amazing. We are use to making $600-700 in 1 "night" only.

Ps: fiesta saturdays Michael Jordan #23 bartends at a downtown night club .


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So you got an estimate of select surge price in Santa Barbara and this is your proof you made $600 in a day and a half? Post a screenshot of your earnings since you have no credibility when it comes to how much you earn.
lo,that was a good one.


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Once Again I don't need to prove sheet

And also if u want u can find another post where I posted some for the drop downs of the rides that I have done this weekend and u can see the volume
Either select or UBER x surging 2.6 and up