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Multiple accounts

Discussion in 'Flex' started by DrJamesCr0, May 16, 2018.

  1. Does anyone still have multiple accounts they work under? Rumor at my warehouse is they cracked down on it and weeded most of them out. I'm wondering if it's still viable.
  2. oicu812


    Working a second account will net you an additional 16 hrs a week perhaps? Are you that desperate to get "weeded out"? Also, I've heard from a friend today that he saw some Armenian guy at his station using 2 accounts to get PN blocks.
  3. they’re checking IDs in SF.
  4. uberstuper


    Las Vegas
    I always feel like flex is watching me ...and I got no privacy....whoa ah ohhh
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  5. You can change your name to match ID, log on to Amazon. Com and change the name
  6. And the reason you're openly discussing this clearly illegal practice (as it violates Amzn rules because the WH are cracking down on this racket) is because_______?
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  7. fix'd
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