Moving to treasure Coast


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Guys Im planning to move somewhere in between PSL, Stuart or Ft Pierce. Which one is the best to get at least 400 a week???i was living on Jax and able to do 400 with a ridicoulus rate of 60 cents UberX. How are the rates in the area??? Really appreciatte your comments

Welcome Gabe!
Rates here for now are: $1.50 base fair, $1.15 a mile, .15 minute. We've been cut once since I started driving last summer.

If you need a real estate assistance for home or rental, pm me. PSL, Stuart, Ft Pierce are very different areas real estate wise. Ft Pierce one of the poorest areas in the state, whereas Stuart area one of the wealthiest.

LA Cabbie

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Stuart. You will get a lot of pings during the day. Short rides, though. I suggest start early and work through out the week days from say 7am to 7pm to get a feel for it. Work the Stuart/Jensen beach area where the treasure coast mall is.