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Mourning The Loss Of The Good (?) Ship Uber. Time to Abandon?

Discussion in 'Stories' started by The Gift of Fish, Dec 5, 2018 at 10:50 PM.

  1. Yeah, I'm done

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  2. No, I trust Captain Khucarachi to steer this good ship to safer waters

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  3. Dunno

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  1. Are you Kate Winslet? If so, then yes. If no, then row on.
  2. goneubering


    LA/Orange Counties
    Thank you for your service sir.
  3. touberornottouber


    Volusia County, FL
    The pay cut (reduced mile rate) hasn't hit here yet but for over a month it's been about $4 an hour here with Uber (you may have seen some of my other topics on this). Fortunately I do Lyft too and tend to do better with them so that I am usually in the $10-$15 hour range when you combine them.

    But I only see the pay per hour going down with this gig. The companies keep reducing the pay and the amount of drivers keep increasing to ridiculous levels. It is so bad anymore that all of my spots are saturated with ants and it ends up making me angry when I am forced to move.

    Honestly also sometimes I don't like myself when I am out here and getting very angry at the lack of pings and the low pay. Sometimes in all honesty I actually get absolutely ENRAGED. Life is too short for that and before Uber (even during my time in taxi) the idea of me cussing because of a traffic light was unheard of. I don't think all this is good for my health.

    I think I'm going to get out too very soon. It sucks because I like the job and even the people. I just don't like the (ridiculous) pay and the lack of pings.

    The other thing my car is 2015 but has 85,000 miles on it. It's a Toyota so it will do 200,000 probably with no issues but I'm realizing that eventually I'm going to need a new vehicle. And regardless, realistically within years they will be phasing out drivers for driverless vehicles anyway.

    Fortunately I have another business. It has taken a backseat to Uber for the last two years but I think I am going to start getting back into it more and focus energies in that. I also have many close contacts in the taxi industry here and could easily go back to that if I wanted.
  4. crowuber


    I agree, I'm not going to change my 4 days of working out of the month. It sucks because of the surge, but it's still extra dough and I don't have to put on a silly uniform and kiss some supervisor's butt.
    But, for those of you out there that are using this as your primary income I must tell you, DO SOMETHING ELSE! ...Can I get an Amen?
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  5. Gilby


    Wausau, WI
    There are a lot opportunities. One of my former students works with me now... got his degree and all the ratings, came to work here as a CFI, built time, now flying Pilatus and King Air and probably will get to fly the Citation CJ3 soon enough. He has enough time to go with an airline, but is enjoying his job right now and making good money, more than a first officer makes at a regional.

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