Motherboard seeking Uber RUSH drivers in SF

Adrianne Jeffries

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Hello Uber People, I'm an editor at Motherboard.

We're doing a week of stories about Uber next week (I can't link to it because I have a noobie account, but Google "Motherboard uber week uber earth").

We are looking for an Uber RUSH driver to write a journal about their experience. (Sort of like NY Mag's sex diaries but obviously not as XXX rated.)

This person can be anonymous as long as we can verify your employment off the record. We can pay $150 for this.

You can email me at adrianne c/o motherboard dot tv if you're interested or have questions.


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I dis uberRUSH for...1 day.
I quit immediately.

You get so much request, like your phone keeps pinging for 2 hrs, but you get as results : stress and no money.

Not a good idea to write about it


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I'll do it. I've been delivering since it began, and I have an MA in classical theater.
I can write a bit.