Most Profitable Ride Last Night = BK Included


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Did a pickup last night around 2:30 AM over on 7th drove two guys back to there home near Brentwood the one guy asks if I can stop at Burger King on Brownsville road so I said sure I'm not driving much longer I'm ready to head home. Guy proceeds to order three medium BK Bacon King meals and spots me one also.

Base plus $8.75 surge = $21.80 and BK Bacon King meal on top lol..


One time after a Steelers night game on a 3.2x surge I took my riders through the Taco Bell drive through. We were there for at least 30 minutes before I drove her friend to the Holiday Inn on the north shore and then to her hotel in Moon. $90.53 and a free crunch wrap supreme.
Unfortunately it was only one time. It would be nice if it was every weekend we got rides like that.