Most Patient Passenger Ever


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This morning I got suckered into four would-be long LAX runs that turned out to be 0.5 mile type fuel wasters to the metro station and starbucks. Long story short, I was pisssed when my next ping the passenger texts me with his location despite I am on a beeline to it already.

Hungry and expecting another Starbucks run, I turned off my phone, drove 5 miles north to Mc Donald's, had a sit full down breakfast for like 30 minutes. Then I turned on the phone again, and this guy's trip is still active!

Immediately a text came through "Hey where did you go? You where just a few blocks away."

I felt bad for the guy and so drove to his pickup location 10 minutes away without responding to text, picked him up and drove him to his destination 10 miles east. I gave him a full refund tho.

The Karma Gods got payback a few hours later. I went to pick up this 45+ to LAX. But the twenty something female passenger was literally hiding behind a large plant on her front porch with carry on luggage. I only found her cause I got out of my car to check address. (women pax have been acting weird since that USC student death recently).

I had to cancel this $30 LAX run as she was making me late (for a scheduled run in Culver city on other platform.) After gas, made only $120 in 12 hours today.