More wary of Lyft.

Terri Lee

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Certainly everyone is aware that Lyft will ping you from absurd distances.This is not always a bad thing, I've had many of those turn into profitable pax.

But I've also been burned.
The other night someone almost 20 minutes away got me. I called them to mention the time thing and the pax said it was fine. I headed down the expressway and 5 minutes later the little dip$#i! canceled.
I'm getting so I don't want to run Lyft unless I'm surrounded be other drivers so I'm less likely to get these long distance pings.


Did you get the cancellation fee? There is supposed to be a $5 fee charged if they cancel after 5 minutes. I've only had one cancellation that I thought was over 5 minutes. I didn't get the fee but I can't say for sure it was over 5 minutes.