More Uber long distance pickup LIES......


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Driving to my staging area this morning, and I get a 25 minute ping, that is 23 KM away, for a 4.21 rated pax.


About a minute later, I get the same ping, but the time is 23 minutes as I've been moving, and the pax is suddenly rated at 5.0........


Park beside another Uber bro I know where I hang out in the AM, and ask him if he got pinged to pickup a 4.21 pax in XXXXXX town.

He said he got the first one I did, he declined it, then a minute later he got it AGAIN, but now the pickup time was 9 minutes, but the distance was still 23 KM away.

Presented without comment........


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Being successful at this really is a skill.

Good show ol chap.


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Could be multiple people at the same address. Happens regularly. Very much doubt it was the same person.

I would accept the 5.0 if it was closer, but definitely not the 4.21,

23mins away is a joke. Who would drive that far for free, well losing money, dead miles, fuel, no income


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That happens during our annual 10 day festival here, but not during the rest of the year.

At 630 AM you're not leaving a party during the week, you're trying to get to work. The reason I am sure of this is that my Uber bro confirmed he got the same pings twice as well. It was getting shopped around by the algo.

Forgot to mention that during rush hour, it takes about 30-45 minutes to get out of this small town as well due to traffic congestion. The town was overbuilt with cheap ghetto condos to add to the tax base, but the road network was left alone.
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