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More rate cuts?


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So on the DC uber drivers Facebook page, there's been talk about more rate cuts coming today. I haven't been able to find any actual statements from uber about this, but I'm royally freaked out right now. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I honestly don't see any reason at all for cutting rates, especially with the increased demand, and if the rates go down at all, I'm up and done.


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I'm pretty relieved now. The guy was erroneously referring to the Phoenix cuts.


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Had a uber employee as a pax before and was talking about rate cuts and he said he didn't think it would go lower in DC as it is a unique market and they didn't need to lower rates.

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Perhaps the definition of "unique market" is a market where cutting rates does not affect the passenger volume. When I signed on to UberX, the pings came fast-and-furous. The pings still come fast-and-furious. I am hauling the same number of passengers that I always have hauled. The difference is that I am doing so for twenty-two per-cent less than I was when I started.


Week ago my insurance contact me told me that I have to renew my policy and new one is more expensive I usually pay 200$ for premium now making pay 650$ the reason is because of I'm TNC driver so that's why be aware anyone who's in TNC can have trouble as me )) so this coming Monday I have to go to dmv and cancel TNC stupid uber news that after apply TNC we going to pay more insurance plus property tax like In Va without TNC we have 50% off the tax as we use it for personal use but now tax 100% plus insurance is expensive so conclusion uber will keep the rate and lick drivers ass to make them stay calm ))))


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What insurance do you have ?
And can you have your insurance lowered back to normal after you cancel