More insulting every week


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Think what uber is trying to do is find out what the most cost effective incentive is for drivers. If you guys keep driver for these peanuts, they will offer even less. I read in the most replied forum about uber taking away the surge multiplier and giving a flat amount surge in the surge area. For example, a $5 dollar surge are. If your in this zone, you will get $5 on top of the $1.15 a mile. Wtf is that? If they do this, I'm done for good lmfao. I'm sure if they do this lyft might follow but uber with upfront pricing will make a killing doing this. So uber will charge them 3 dollars a mile but still pay you $1.15 a mile and whatever b's $5,$10,$20 flat surge fee to the driver. GOODBYE $300 unicorn rides.


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Mine's a little better, but that's probably cause I wasn't driving for like a month or more. I'm sure after a week or two of driving it'll fade away.
As with passengers, Uber is trying to push it and see what's the top dollar they can charge them, with drivers they are trying to figure out what's the lowest amount they can pay us and keep us driving for as long as possible...



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In the USA should shut app. Off Wed thur fri...then see what happens. Till then it will spiral down by company great. With all the stealing from us.
They can over pay for lyft them. And control the business.
A friend of mine does black sub. Limo service . No uber shit..
He does very well

Hans GrUber

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And they haven't even started the flat boost yet. Just wait til those $60 sat bar close trips turn into $30 trips. As long as we keep driving, they will keep lowering.


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Killing the transporting industry...drivers making in Cc $3 to $4 a ride. Now what happens if they go out of business after they created low paying jobs . And destroyed the whole country with fares that drivers cannot live on

It's never going to stop.u must seek different job. Drivers are stupid


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Better hope that Lyft stay in business then. Though I am sure their rates will drop work no competition.


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for me it all works out as i only am going to do this a few cold more months.
yesterday i did 21 stops to hit my quest big.
the slop in CC is so bad...and no surge all day...worked 4 days this week..had a nice week...
playing catch up with bonus quests is the worst. will never happen again ...i suffered all 7 hours on sunday dong uber as with lyft i have power zones.


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Mine was 15 for $15, I havent driven much the last couple weeks so mine keep dropping.. over the weekend it was 25 rides for $15