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More changes

Discussion in 'Flex' started by FIdel Cashflow, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. FIdel Cashflow

    FIdel Cashflow Member

    This hasn’t happened in my region YET but it’s coming. Amazon is changing the way we accept blocks now. Seems we will have to swipe to accept a block. It will definitely slow us down.

    Has anyone’s region been affected yet and if so how bad does this new change suck?
  2. tofu97

    tofu97 Member

    This change is actually good. It would make those hardware auto-clicker useless.
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  3. Paladin220

    Paladin220 Active Member

    Far West Suburbs
    it's about time they try to counter the auto-clickers
  4. cyclejoc

    cyclejoc Active Member

    Cobb county
    Here in Atlanta the app refresh rate is very slow. It makes the apps and machines worthless. I agree they should have done this 2 years ago.
  5. oicu812

    oicu812 Well-Known Member

    Still won't stop the scripts.
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  6. Bleep Bloop

    Bleep Bloop New Member

    San Diego
    Yea, this change stops auto clickers but it does f**k all to stop scripts which are way better than auto clickers anyway.
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  7. Cynergie

    Cynergie Well-Known Member

    San Francisco
    Not really. They would just write algorithms to detect whether the screen was being touched by means of a swipe v tap

    Google maps (and Uber) already does this
  8. ubstar

    ubstar New Member

    Just pulling **** out of your ass, or do you have proof?
  9. Chicago-uber

    Chicago-uber Well-Known Member

    Uhmmm.. please keep your fetishes to yourself :eek::(
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  10. oicu812

    oicu812 Well-Known Member

    If you haven't figured out by now, s/he works on the flex app team out of India. :D
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  11. evangil

    evangil Member

    Someone can by make auto-swipe machine in one hour...
  12. tofu97

    tofu97 Member

    The difficulty is not about the swipe action. The difficulty lies the machine needs to know when to tap to refresh and when to swipe to accept an offer. Now it requires the machine to have vision and OCR to understand the text. And unlike tap, machine's swipe action normally is slower than human finger.
  13. SoggyF

    SoggyF Member

    I hate entering captchas on my porn sites but I've always thought that might be a good idea for the app.
  14. uberstuper

    uberstuper Well-Known Member

    Las Vegas
  15. Bill1630

    Bill1630 New Member

    Columbus ohio

    It's defiantly slowed me down. I'm use to tapping while doing something else. I'm finding I'm looking at the screen more.
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  16. flex567

    flex567 New Member

    someone's going to get into a wreck accepting an instant offer, fortunately Amazon is too evil to care

    now it's back to accepting every offer, looking to see what it is, throwing it back - the most inefficient possible way of matching drivers with shifts

    some low-EQ intern probably put 5-10 seconds of thought into"solving" this "problem" first week of june

    this is the world we live in now, this is the techno dystopia - some rich f*ckup networks onto an AMZN internship, ruining lives out of stupidity, makes a giant mess, the new high-tech way of telling everyone to "eat sh*t"

    wow nothing changes, it's just toxicity instead of sh*t - raining down from above from anonymous sources - thanks anonymous AMZN a.i., thanks incompetent interns, thanks rich soulless foreign national devs who dont care about tech in the least and who are only interested in controlling people with it, thanks depraved east coast toxicity, constantly enabling all of this

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  17. Bill1630

    Bill1630 New Member

    Columbus ohio

    Life is about adjustment. We will get use to the new setup.
  18. flex567

    flex567 New Member

    but it's not a new set up, this is back to the beginning

    back to re-routing everything to those who think the world only exists to deal with their toxicity

    they think being a f*ckup is a power move

    bet u didnt know that

    their darkest secret is that they are worse than mediocre

    bet they didnt know that

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