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Money Back on Gas, up to $.32/gallon at Shell/Daily's


New Member
Hey y'all. I was introduced to a new app (maybe you already use it) called "GetUpside". The app is free to download. You basically get money back into an account per gallon as many locations...including ALL Shell/Daily's locations. For example, the Daily's at San Jose at Sunbeam I get $.32 back per gallon. You also get $.32 back per gallon at the Shell East of Hwy 17 at the airport.

Here's the kicker, though. You'll get a code, and if you share the code with friends and they use it at the time they sign up, YOU get money for every one of THEIR purchases as well...yes it sounds like a pyramid scheme, but it's legit. I already have a few dollars...and with a push of the button I can have it deposited to my PayPal.

If you are interested and download the app, would you be so kind to use the code: 6FRXP when you sign up? After you do that, YOU will get a code and can share with all your friends and then YOU will reap the rewards.

Take care, and safe driving.

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