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Monday in the San Diego UP forums.

Once upon a time, the alarm went off at 4am. Brushed teeth, combed hair, dressed, and out the door. By 4:30am I’m picking up the first ride of the day to the airport.

Today, the alarm has been turned off, and I rise when the sunlight breaks through. A casual morning routine, brush teeth if I remember, and comb hair if I look worst than “scruffy”. But I don’t leave the house these days, except to transport parent to their medical. By 8:30 I’m reading the forums for the first time that day.

And I’ll be back, another 17 or 18 times before lunch.

Drivers, stay safe.

Home Guards, you’re on.


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What's this that I keep hearing from pax that things are opening back up soon?

Also, when did the barber shops close back up? I never got this memo and my hair is back to lockdown level messiness.