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You need the right amount of snow. A moderate amount makes the PAXes want someone else to do the driving and more ants want to stay home, but too much makes it take twice as long to get where you are going and therefore fewer rides taken - negates the surge.


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Now that I am done with my forced UP.N vacation, I can

We were driving back from Sandusky through that mess. I live driving when the white gold is flying but even Im not willing to risk my disposable vehicle to stand still traffic and icy roads.


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Still had my all seasons on so didn't risk it. Once the winters are on next week I'll be good to go in all conditions. In the next 6 weeks I'm going to try going max effort to see how much value I can extract from my car.

One thing I found driving last year I would max out the long pickup fee when conditions were super shit and I was going half the speed limit to the pickup.
pretty sure all tires on my car are different brand. i usually acquire tires on fb marketplace either free or dirt cheap during the off season. my manual accord has handled the snow quite well so far.