Monday vs Friday morning demand patterns


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As those on the road are seeing, its busy out there. I've seen some reasonably high surge since 4:30am. We know in the early morning you get the 4am bar crowd and also people leaving town, mostly for work. That's generally Monday. But Friday morning tends to rival Monday in terms of demand. As I sit here at Midway getting ready to leave town, there was barely a wait to get through security. Its cold outside. I'm trying to figure out why its so busy this morning, and Friday mornings in general. Some theories:

Quest. Weekend quest begins at 4am Friday. Those that chase x number of rides for x number of dollars feel they can do more rides on the back end vs the front end.

Less drivers during morning rush as people try to hit quest goals on Thursday night.

More part timers on the road during afternoon rush into the evening. As the weather changes and company holiday parties begin to ramp up going into December, Thursday and Friday evenings are really going to get busy. This is based on past experience.

Biz travelers that were out of town Monday-Thursday now head into their downtown offices.

Anybody else have other theories as to why Friday mornings almost rival Monday mornings considering the main difference is the business traveler element and more people driving later vs earlier in the day?


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My ignore list just gets longer and longer. Anyways, it's been pretty busy all week, this is the first Monday-Thursday that I've been over $500 and this morning was silly busy. I'm wondering if the great ant drive of August/September 2018 wasn't as successful as Uber thought. Maybe people were signing up in case they might need uber someday after what went down in NYC? They had been thinking about signing up but were reluctant that the gig wasn't for them, gave a few rush hour rides in the loop and knew the gig wasn't for them? Maybe there just aren't any more potential ants?

The working from home thing is true, my company just rolled it out yesterday, it's called an "alternative work arrangement" and any salaried person can request it. How am I supposed to manage a warehouse from my living room?


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Been busy all day and will be going into the evening..

DePaul is letting out for the semester as well so you will have plenty of kids heading home and out partying tonight.