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Missing Toll Charge


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I noticed that I was missing another toll on one of my fares. It was Nj Turnpike toll going to Newark airport. This is not the first time that it happened. In fact it was my 4th time. I usually e-mail support and they ask for the Amount and the toll entries and exits and then they usually correct it. This time they want a reciept or they will not pay it. I emailed back and demanded to have a supervisor call me and explain why they can tell how my accellerations and braking patterns are but cannot pay me correctly for a trip that I take over and over. Especially when they paid me before. I think they are just trying to see how far they can get away with with driver not checking all thier trips. Especially when these trips are still processing so you can not check Immediately.... Any one else here fighting to get paid with missing tolls.....thx


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This is crazy. Smh. I don't check my trips but I'm going to have to start. These guys are thieves it's crazy how they get away with everything they do.